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Raibs Suns

The Raibs Suns is a rare breed whose looks vary. A rounded head with a short muzzle usually is what people first notice about this little dog. Its round eyes can come in many colors, but the most common are brown or blue. On the top of their heads are small ears that can be folded over or erect. Their surprisingly broad necks lead to round bodies and short legs. Their coat is shaggy in appearance with an abundance of hair on their head, legs, and tail which curls on to their back. Their coat colors vary from solid to parti-colored and all colors in between.

Rafeiro do Alentejo

(Portuguese Watchdog, Alentejo Mastiff) The Rafeiro do Alentejo is a Mastiff like dog whose large square head leads to a long muzzle. Its small, round eyes take up little room on their large head. On top of their massive heads are equally large, heavy ears that hang down like the ears of a Saint Bernard. The dog’s broad, muscular neck is covered in loose skin. The breed has long, muscular legs and gigantic feet. Thick fur covers their entire body and feathers out on their long tail. Their coat colors can vary from solid yellow to mixed white and black.


The Otterhound is a bushy haired, large hunting dog.  A broad square head starts off this breed and leads to a long rectangular muzzle.  Covered with shaggy hair are their large round eyes as well as their long floppy ears.  The breed’s muscular and broad neck leads down to their slightly wide shoulders, semi-deep chest, and sunken in stomach which all make up the body of this agile hunting dog.  Oval shaped feet are at the bottom of fairly long legs covered with shaggy hair.  Covering their entire body is a full shaggy coat which comes in almost every color variety.

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Minimal white is preferred.

Ori Pei

The Ori Pei is a type of hybrid breed or a designer breed that is a cross between the Pug and the Chinese Shar Pei. This breed is recognized by The American Canine Association and has been for several years.

Ori Peis are available in a variety of colors including black, white, brown, gray and a mix of colors. The coat of the Ori Pei is about ½” long and features an undercoat that is soft.

The Ori Pei is widely prized due to the fact that it is somewhat smaller than the standard Shar Pei as well as the fact that it manages to maintain wrinkles or creases.

The Ori Pei, like many designer breed dogs, may be what is known as a first generation or a second generation. First generation dogs are those that are produced by breeding a pure bred Pug and a pure bred Chinese Shar Pei. A second generation dog is produced by breeding two Ori Pei dogs. This breed, unlike many designer breeds, has been bred for at least six generations.

Also known as an American Ori-Pei.

Olde Victorian Bulldogge

The Olde Victorian Bulldogge is a large muscular dog. A large square head starts of this breed and leads to their short muzzle which is droopy because both lips hang down. Large brown eyes, which are also round and full of expression, give this breed a sweet look. Sitting on the side of their head are two medium-size floppy ears. On their face are many wrinkles, especially on their forehead. A short thick neck with a dewlap leads to broad shoulders, their very deep chest, and their slightly sunken stomach. Short legs give this breed an unproportioned look and leads to large round feet. This unique looking breed has short sleek fur similar to that of all other bulldogs. Many color variations are common and acceptable for this breed, such as white, fawn, tan, brindle, and black brindle; all of these colors can have white mixed in.

Olde English Bulldogge

The Olde English Bulldogge is a cute dog with a face full of emotions. From their large square comes a short rectangular muzzle ending with a large black nose and both their lips are loose and hang down pass their mouth. Huge round eyes give this breed a babyish look that is irresistible to many people. Hanging off the side of their head are two small ears. A thick neck with a dewlap leads to their immensely broad shoulders, deep chest, and slightly sunken belly. Short stocky legs make this breeds look unproportioned and lead to large round feet.

Old English Sheepdog

(Bobtail) (OES) (Bob)The Old English Sheepdog is unique looking breed with one interesting feature: their coat. The breed’s round head looks like a puff ball. Also covered with fur are their small, round eyes which are rarely seen, and their square muzzle with a beard hanging off it. Set low on the side of their head are two floppy ears. A thick neck which is also covered with their fluffy fur leads to their deep chest. Long legs, which look like they have boots on thanks to their coat, lead to huge round feet. That thick coat covering their bodies comes in white with blue, gray, blue merle, or blue gray.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

(Little River Duck Dog) (Yarmouth Toller) The Nova Scotia Ducking-Tolling Retriever is an alert and agile looking dog. Small almond-shaped eyes sit deep into their broad square head. Sticking straight out from their face is their rectangular muzzle. Sitting on the top of their head are two medium size ears that are folded over into a triangular shape. All of these features give their face a unique and attentive appearance. A thick neck which usually has loose folds of skin on it leads down to their shoulders and deep chest. Oval shaped feet rest at the bottom of this breed’s short skinny leads. Medium length shaggy hair covers their body with an abundance of fur covering their long tail. The coat color does not vary much and is mostly red with white accents.

Norwich Terrier

The Norwich Terrier is a very small dog with unique features. One distinct characteristic is their round head and flat skull. From their head is their short rectangular muzzle. Many owners are entranced by their large round eyes that seem to speak their emotions. Sitting on top of their head are two bat-like ears which stand erect. This breed has a short neck that leads to broad shoulders and a deep chest for such a petite dog. Round feet sit at the bottom of their short chubby legs. The Norwich Terrier naturally has a tail but it is normally docked short. Medium length shaggy hair covers their body and more hair is around their face. Coat colors vary coming in wheaten, red, grizzle, tan, or black and tan which makes them look similar to Yorkshire Terriers.

Norwegian Elkhound

(Norsk Elghund Gra) (Norsk Elghund Sort) The Norwegian Elkhound is an arctic breed with many wolf like characteristics.  Starting off is this breed’s large round and long rectangular muzzle.  On their large head are two small round eyes that are bright and full of expression.  Sitting on top of their head are two huge bat-like ears.  A thick furry neck leads to their broad shoulders and a deep chest.  Round, very small feet sit at the bottom of medium length muscular legs.  On their back is their tail which is curled up into a ball and looks similar to many other spitz breeds’ tails.  A thick double-coat covers their body and is extremely fluffy especially on their tail and neck.  Their coat color does not vary because they have one standard color which is a gray top coat with a light under-coat and many black markings.

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The Norwegian Elkhound is an arctic breed with many wolf like characteristics. It has a large, round, long muzzle. It’s eyes are small, round and bright with expression. Its ears are bat- like. Its head sits upon a thick, furry neck that leads to broad shoulders and a deep chest. Its legs are medium in length and very muscular. Its feet are small. Its tail is curled to the point that it curves back upon itself. It resembles the tail of a Spitz. A thick double coat covers its body. Its coat is very soft and fluffy. This breed comes in one standard color which is a gray top coat, lighter undercoat and many black marketings patching the body of the dog.

Norwegian Buhund

(Norsk Buhund) (Norwegian Sheepdog)(Nordiske Sitz-hunde) The Norwegian Buhund is a cute arctic breed. A small round head starts off this adorable and unique looking breed. From their face is a long rectangular muzzle. Large round eyes make up most of the breed’s face. Sitting on top of their head are two huge bat-like ears which are very big in comparison with their head. A thick neck with loose folds of skin leads to broad shoulders and very deep chest. From their body comes four long muscular legs that stop at small rounded feet. Sitting tightly curled up on their back is their fluffy tail. A thick double-coat which is very fluffy covers this breed. Coat colors vary from yellow and red to gray and black with many shade variations; most of these hues have white mixed in as well.

Norfolk Terrier

A playful yet elegant aura radiates from the little Norfolk Terrier. A small round head starts off this adorable dog. From their head is their rectangular muzzle that ends with a tiny black nose. Filled with emotion are their two large round eyes that can melt anyone around them. Sitting on top of their head are two small folded over ears. A thick neck leads to their broad shoulders and wide body. Very short legs lead to their round feet. Sticking up on their back is their usually docked tail. Shaggy medium length hair covers their entire body and can be red, tan, grizzle, wheaten, and black and tan often with white markings mixed in.


(Newf, Newfie) The Newfoundland is a multi-purpose working and companion dog with a large, well-balanced build and a strong, heavy-boned, muscular body. They present themselves with pride, dignity, and a sweet disposition. The breed’s neck is strong, well-set onto the shoulders, and long enough to permit a high head carriage. They have a broad back that is strong and well-muscled, and it is level from the point just behind the withers to the croup. Their full, deep chest extends down to the level of their elbows, and their shoulders are well-muscled and laid back. Elbows of this breed lie directly below the highest point of the withers. They have well-sprung ribs, a deep flank, and a broad, slightly sloping croup. The broad, strong, slightly curved tail correlates with the line of the croup. Their cat-like feet are webbed and their size is in proportion to the rest of the dog’s body. They have heavily boned, powerful hindquarters and their limbs are straight and parallel when perceived from the rear. The hocks are well let down and the thighs are broad and comparatively long. The massive head of the Newfoundland features a broad skull, a slightly arched crown, and well-developed cheeks. Their stop is moderately defined, but it can appear more prominent because of the well-developed brow. They have a clean-cut, broad muzzle that has a rounded top and a straight bridge. The breed’s teeth close in a scissors bite and their small, deep-set eyes are dark brown in color. Their ears are small and triangular, and they have rounded tips. The flat double coat of the Newfoundland consists of a coarse, long, straight or slightly wavy outer layer and a soft, dense under layer. The hair around the face and muzzle is short and fine by comparison. Coat colors of this breed include black, brown, gray, or a white base coat with black markings. Clear white or white with minimal ticking is also accepted. A variety of markings may be present on dogs with solid-colored coats.

New Zealand Huntaway

(New Zealand Sheepdog)The New Zealand Huntaway is a varied breed.  Some of them look like Rottweilers, German Shepherds, or even Wirehaired Vizslas.  This breed comes in all colors, shapes, and sizes.  This breed does not have a standard because they were bred for a strong herding ability not for appearances.

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This breed is mostly used as a sheepdog. The term Huntaway comes from the expression that the dogs hunt sheep or cattle away from them with their bark. They were trained to move livestock along, not herd them and bring them back to their master as the Border Collies or the New Zealand Heading dog does.

New Guinea Singing Dog

The New Guinea Singing Dog is a rare breed with many unique and distinctive characteristics. Covered in fluffy hair, their small round head stretches into their long rectangular muzzle. Dark brown almond-shaped eyes are slightly set back in their head. On top of their head are two uniquely shaped but small ears that stand erect. An extremely long and skinny neck leads to their long narrow body and sunken in stomach. Short muscular legs end with rounded feet. From their back is a long fluffy tail similar to a fox’s tail. A short length fluffy coat covers their body. Coat colors are most commonly shades of red with white markings but can also be black and tan or red without white.

Nebolish Mastiff

The Nebolish Mastiff is a large dog that has a similar appearance to many other Mastiffs.  A large head starts off this adorable dog and from it stretches their long muzzle with loose lips which hang down slightly past their mouth.  The dog’s eyes are small compared to the rest of their head are almond shaped.  Large floppy ears hang down on the side of their head and look similar to natural Great Dane ears.  A very thick neck with folds of loose skin leads to their broad shoulders and muscular body.  Long skinny legs which look similar to a Great Dane’s legs end with long oval shaped feet.  Short to medium length hair covers their large body and can come in many colors, including brindle or fawn but other colors appear as well.

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The Nebolish Mastiff is not like the Great Dane in body but instead has a much thicker bone structure all the way to the legs. They have webbed paws and love to swim.

Neapolitan Mastiff

(Mastino Napoletano, Italian Mastiff, Mastino) The Neapolitan Mastiff is an ancient breed with an impressive physical appearance that denotes power and strength. Their body is stocky, heavily boned, and substantial, and their proportions are rectangular. They have a slightly arched, comparatively short, stocky neck with a voluminous, well-divided dewlap that extends from the lower jaw to the lower neck. The ribs are long and well-sprung and the chest is broad, deep, and muscular. Their back is strong and wide, and the underlining of the abdomen is horizontal. They have a well-muscled loin that blends smoothly into the back. The croup is strong, broad, muscular, and slightly sloped. Tails of this breed are slightly low set, wide at the base, and gradually tapered toward the tip. The forequarters are heavy, muscular, and balanced. Their shoulders are long, powerful, and sloping and their elbows are held parallel to the ribcage. They have straight, thick, strong forelegs that are set well apart, and their pasterns are thick and flattened. The breed’s round feet are noticeably large and feature a set of well-arched toes and strong nails. Their hindquarters are powerful, strong, and well in proportion with the forequarters. The thighs are broad and muscular and the stifles are moderately angled and strong. They have heavily-boned legs and long, powerful hocks. The head of the Neapolitan Mastiff is large in comparison to the body. The face is composed of heavy wrinkles and folds, and the pendulous lips blend into the ample dewlap. The skull is broad and flat between the ears, covered with wrinkles, and slightly arched at its frontal part. The stop is well-defined and the brow is well-developed. They have a large nose and deep-set eyes that are amber or brown in color. Their square-shaped muzzle is broad and long, and their teeth close in a scissors bite. The short-haired coat of the Neapolitan Mastiff is dense and of uniform length and smoothness all over the body. Accepted coat colors for this breed include solid coats of gray, black, mahogany, and tawny, as well as some varieties of brindle. White markings may or may not be preset.

Native American Indian Dog

The Native American Indian Dog is a beautiful breed which has a similar look to the Siberian Husky and to wolves.  An angular shaped head covered in fluffy fur starts off this beautiful dog.  A long narrow muzzle leads to their medium sized black nose.  Sitting on top of their head are two large erect ears.  Leading to their deep chest and muscular body is a broad neck covered in lots of fur.  Well muscled thighs are attached to short skinny hind legs. While the front legs are also skinny, they appear much longer.  A long fluffy tail finishes off this gorgeous dog.  Covering their body is a medium to long coat which is also very fluffy and soft.  Their long coat can come in many colors and patterns but most contain white and black markings, as well as brown hues.

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It’s coat should be medium to long in length with sleep fur that is soft like a rabbit’s. It requires moderate grooming with weekly brushing. Their undercoat should be combed out once a month to prevent matting. Matted fur can cause excessive dandruff and act as a haven for parasites and fleas. It’s fur comes in many colors. The most common color being Tortoise Shell which is like a wolf in color, being dark to light brown or grey in color often with white. Another popular color is the spotted dog, otherwise known as a ‘Spirit Dog’. Other colors are black, blue hues, silver and white and red/white.

Miniature Fox Terrier

(Mini Fox Terrier) (Mini Foxi) (Mini Foxie) The Miniature Fox Terrier breed is known as the ‘Mini Foxie’ in its native Australia. There are only three permitted color combinations: black and white, tan and white, and tri color (black, white and tan). Full-colored coats are not permitted. The coat must be short, fine, and smooth – a wiry or coarse coat is considered a fault. The Miniature Fox Terrier has pointed, erect ears set high on the skull – however ear tips that fold over slightly are not faulted. The eyes are dark in color, medium sized and oval in shape. The mouth has a strong jaw with a regular bite – overshot or undershot jaws are considered faults. The length of the body should be in proportion to its height. The foot of the adult Mini Foxie is a distinctive oval shape, not round. Pups have round shaped feet for a few months, gradually maturing to an oval shaped foot. The tail can be docked or undocked, or it can be a natural bobtail. The Mini Foxie is a fine boned dog; weight should never exceed 12 pounds.

Miniature Australian Shepherd

(Mini Australian Shepherd) (Toy Australian Shepherd) (Mini Aussie) (Tea Cup Australian Shepherd) The Miniature Australian Shepherd comes in blue or red merle, red or black tri-color, each with white or tan markings. They also come in Bi-color lacking the third marking. Regardless of the rest of the coat, the hair around the eyes and ears should not be white in show dogs. The coat may be straight or wavy, but is of medium length. The hair on the head, front of the forelegs and on the outside of the ears is shorter than the rest of the coat, there should be a mane around the neck, and the back of the legs are feathered. Eye color varies – green, brown, or light blue eyes, as well as one eye green and brown, blue and brown, or green and blue.

Mi Ki

Whether the Mi‑Ki is a new breed or simply a new type is still being debated in dog circles, as it was first created in 1991 and there is not a lot of breeding stock yet, nor has a standard been agreed upon. They come in two coat varieties. The smooth coat lies close to the body and there is no beard or mustache, while those with the long coat do have them. Their hair is fine, silky and straight, with long feathering. All coat colors are acceptable, while solid colors are rare and therefore prized. The Mi-Ki’s head is round, with large, round, widely spaced eyes. Dark colored eyes are favored, but the eye color is allowed to vary with the color of the coat. The ears are carried either erect or pendant. The Mi-Ki has a short, wide muzzle – for show dogs, a pushed-in muzzle or a long and narrow muzzle are faulted. The nose is medium-sized, with wide nostrils. The teeth are level, but a slightly undershot bite will not be penalized. The body is slightly longer than it is tall, with a straight back. The forelegs must be straight, not bowed, and feathered. The hind legs are held parallel to each other. The dewclaws are removed. The feet are dainty, thin and elongated, and slightly webbed. For show dogs, each foot is shaved. The Mi-Ki has a high-set tail, and must be held arched over the body.


(English Mastiff)The Old English Mastiff is one of the most massive and powerful dog breeds, with a very solid build. The head is heavy-boned and square, with a short muzzle, and distinctive dewlaps and flews (“the pendulous lateral parts of a dog’s upper lip.”). The medium-sized ears are pendant and fall just below the cheeks. The eyes are small and can be either dark or hazel, the teeth meet in a scissors bite, although a slight undershot bite is also acceptable in dog shows. The single coat comes in a variety of colors, from fawn to brindle to silver. Regardless of coat color, the face will always have a black mask. The tail is set high, and curves down, reaching to the hocks.

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The single coat variation comes in a variety of colors and can be hard to find.