General Description

The Havamalt is a designer or hybrid breed of dog that is a cross mix between Havanese and the Maltese. While this dog may be the result of purebred parents from both breeds, the Havamalt is not able to be registered with purebred registries. Like most hybrid dogs, the Havamalt may be a first generation or a second generation. First generation Havamalt dogs are produced by breeding purebred Maltese dogs and purebred Havanese dogs. Second generation dogs are produced by breeding Havamalts.

Prospective owners should be aware that as is the case with many hybrids, the Havamalt may take more after one breed than the other. Havamalts were originally produced in order to bring out the best characteristics of both breeds.

The coat of the Havamalt tends to be hypo-allergenic, which can be good for individuals who are prone to allergies and may find it difficult to live with other dogs. The Havamalt also has a double coat with a topcoat that is silky. The undercoat tends to be coarser. The color of the Havamalt will vary depending upon the parentage of the dog. The size of the Havamalt will also depend upon the parentage of the dog as well.


The Havamalt is known for being a very sweet and loving dog. This is also a dog that is quite lovely and loves to play and be with its family. It is very much a family oriented dog that does not do well when separated for long periods of time. This is not a dog that can be left alone. The Havamalt is also quite curious and intelligent. Havamalt dogs tend to do quite well with training and will pick up commands easily. For the most part, the Havamalt is docile and gentle. They are also responsive, especially when trained early on. They thrive upon pleasing their masters and receiving praise. While the Havamalt is tolerant of kids, they do require socialization. This is very important if the dog is going to live in a family with children.


8-11 inches


6-13 pounds

General Health:

The Havamalt tends to be of good health and does not suffer from a lot of serious health conditions. Like most dogs, the Havamalt may have problems with hip dysplasia and if prospective owners are concerned about this they should investigate the parentage of the dog to determine whether this may be a likely problem with their puppy.


The Havamalt has a coat that will need to be brushed on a regular basis in order for it to maintain its beautiful condition as well as health. In addition, the Havamalt will need to be bathed and shampooed when necessary in order to keep the coat looking clean and shiny. Prospective owners should be aware that this is considered to be a somewhat high maintenance dog due to the fact that the coat will need to be combed on such a regular basis. In addition, this dog will need to be provided with some type of daily playtime or exercise. Havamalts love to be with their families, so a walk or even playtime will suffice for daily exercise.

Ideal Environment:

The ideal environment for the Havamalt will be one in which the family will be dedicated to providing love and affection as well as required maintenance for the dog. The owner should also be dedicated to providing socialization, especially if there will be children around the dog, along with training in order to achieve the best results with this dog. This is not a dog that will show overt aggression to children and other animals, but socialization and training will ensure that the dog is happy and content. Due to the fact that this is such a gentle and docile dog, a gentle and soft approach is recommended with the Havamalt. This is not a dog that does well with treatment that is not gentle. They want to please their owners and will thrive upon praise. This is a companion dog that will also do best when living inside, not only because it craves human companionship but also because living outside may make it more difficult for the coat to be groomed and maintained properly. The owner should also be prepared to provide opportunity for play and/or exercise for this dog.

Dog Training:

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