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Mi Ki

General Description

Whether the Mi‑Ki is a new breed or simply a new type is still being debated in dog circles, as it was first created in 1991 and there is not a lot of breeding stock yet, nor has a standard been agreed upon. They come in two coat varieties. The smooth coat lies close to the body and there is no beard or mustache, while those with the long coat do have them. Their hair is fine, silky and straight, with long feathering. All coat colors are acceptable, while solid colors are rare and therefore prized. The Mi-Ki’s head is round, with large, round, widely spaced eyes. Dark colored eyes are favored, but the eye color is allowed to vary with the color of the coat. The ears are carried either erect or pendant. The Mi-Ki has a short, wide muzzle – for show dogs, a pushed-in muzzle or a long and narrow muzzle are faulted. The nose is medium-sized, with wide nostrils. The teeth are level, but a slightly undershot bite will not be penalized. The body is slightly longer than it is tall, with a straight back. The forelegs must be straight, not bowed, and feathered. The hind legs are held parallel to each other. The dewclaws are removed. The feet are dainty, thin and elongated, and slightly webbed. For show dogs, each foot is shaved. The Mi-Ki has a high-set tail, and must be held arched over the body.


If you are someone who likes cats and not dogs, then chances are you'll like the Mi-Ki. They like to sit and sun themselves, they will wash themselves like a cat, swat small pieces of paper like a cat, and are quite amenable to being carried around like a purse. The Mi-Ki is a quiet little dog, affection with everyone, and with a sweet nature. They seldom bark...when they do bark it resembles a yodel or twittering. They are intelligent and do well in the obedience ring. They are not dog-aggressive, but like most small dogs don't realize they are small.


10 ‑ 11 inches


10 pounds

General Health:

Like all dogs with short muzzles, the Mi-Ki can be prone to respiratory problems. Their teeth need to be brushed frequently. They have excessive hair between their toes which should be cleaned out frequently.


This breed enjoys the outdoors but still is comfortable living in an apartment.

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