Miniature Fox Terrier

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Miniature Fox Terrier

General Description

(Mini Fox Terrier) (Mini Foxi) (Mini Foxie) The Miniature Fox Terrier breed is known as the ‘Mini Foxie’ in its native Australia. There are only three permitted color combinations: black and white, tan and white, and tri color (black, white and tan). Full-colored coats are not permitted. The coat must be short, fine, and smooth – a wiry or coarse coat is considered a fault. The Miniature Fox Terrier has pointed, erect ears set high on the skull – however ear tips that fold over slightly are not faulted. The eyes are dark in color, medium sized and oval in shape. The mouth has a strong jaw with a regular bite – overshot or undershot jaws are considered faults. The length of the body should be in proportion to its height. The foot of the adult Mini Foxie is a distinctive oval shape, not round. Pups have round shaped feet for a few months, gradually maturing to an oval shaped foot. The tail can be docked or undocked, or it can be a natural bobtail. The Mini Foxie is a fine boned dog; weight should never exceed 12 pounds.


The Mini Foxie is good with children - as long as they are treated well. They make loving, very loyal pets and fearless watchdogs. The breed usually gets along with other pets of the same size or larger. It is not safe to leave them alone with household pets smaller than themselves - like all terriers it is their instinct to hunt and destroy vermin and they cannot tell the difference between the two.


9.5-12 inches


7.7-12 pounds

General Health:

The Mini Fox Terrier is bred to have a strong constitution. Breeders (members of the Mini Foxie Club of Australia) screen breeding stock to ensure that no genetic problems are passed on. When properly cared for, this terrier can live up to fourteen years.

This breed lives 14 to 16 years on average.


The Mini Fox Terrier has been bred in Australia since the 1800s. It is theorized that the Smooth Fox Terrier was crossed with the Manchester Terrier. The smaller puppies were then possibly bred with other small breeds, such as the dogs now known as the English Toy Terrier. The goal was to create a light, fast dog with the characteristics of the Fox Terrier, but small enough to be able to hunt smaller pests such as rabbits and rodents. Mini Foxies breed true to type and outcrossing to other breeds is forbidden.


This breed does not need a great deal of maintenance. Their coats are short - and they are always shown in a natural state. Their toenails must be clipped on a regular basis.

Ideal Environment:

The Mini Foxie can be both a working terrier and an excellent small family dog, either in an apartment or in a house, as long as they are kept active. They are intelligent and enjoy games, and playing with toys. They should get plenty of exercise.

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