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New Zealand Huntaway

General Description

(New Zealand Sheepdog)The New Zealand Huntaway is a varied breed.  Some of them look like Rottweilers, German Shepherds, or even Wirehaired Vizslas.  This breed comes in all colors, shapes, and sizes.  This breed does not have a standard because they were bred for a strong herding ability not for appearances.

User added info

This breed is mostly used as a sheepdog. The term Huntaway comes from the expression that the dogs hunt sheep or cattle away from them with their bark. They were trained to move livestock along, not herd them and bring them back to their master as the Border Collies or the New Zealand Heading dog does.


The New Zealand Huntaway is an exceptionally intelligent dog. Wonderful with people and all animals, this breed does not make a good guard dog but is an excellent family dog. Unlike many intelligent breeds, the New Zealand Huntaway is not usually stubborn and is extremely easy for all types of training. One problem with this breed is that they were bred to herd by barking so naturally they bark quite frequently but with their eager to please attitude training them not to bark can be very simple.


20 – 24 inches


40 – 85 pounds

General Health:

Since the New Zealand Huntaway is bred with the only best and healthiest dogs from many different breeds, they have very few health concerns. They can be happy and healthy family dogs for approximately 12-14 years.


The New Zealand Huntaway was created through selective breeding during the early 20th century. Herders noticed some dog specimens were barking in order to herd the animals. To develop this trait, breeding programs were implemented. The breed today is a combination of dozens of dog types and has successfully been created to use barking for herding. New Zealand Huntaways are most common in New Zealand are gaining popularity in England and Japan.


Brushing the New Zealand Huntaway should be done on a regular basis to keep their fur clean and smooth. Baths should only be done when they are truly filthy. Other than that simple grooming, they are maintenance free. However, plenty of exercise is needed for this active working dog. Since this breed was used as a herder, no exercise is too much and no training is too difficult. This breed should have time to run off leash or have actual herding time.

Ideal Environment:

The New Zealand Huntaway is an extremely friendly dog that does great in many living environments. The breed is an excellent family dog that is great with children and all animals. Plus, they love attention and are fine with strangers. An apartment will work for this breed as long as plenty of exercise is given. This is a great breed for people with little time for grooming and people with a large yard. One problem with this breed is their frequent barking. This friendly dog does wonderful with families but should not be used as a guard or watch dog because of their very friendly nature.

The Huntaway was bred to be a working dog and enjoys an active lifestyle. They are known to work for endless hours. They are best suited for a home with a large yard.

Dog Training:

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